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"Royal Australian Infidel - Is our way of showing we're proud of Australia's Defence Force members and their service in countries around the world. Where they're sometimes seen as outsiders or non-believers (Infidels). RAInfidel is claiming that title to show we stand with our 'Australian Army, Navy and Airforce'. We want the servicemen and women of Australia to be proud of their service, while on deployment and at home."


"Royal Australian Infidel is not in any way associated with, sponsored by or connected with the Australian Defence Force or affiliated with or endorsed by the Commonwealth in any way whatsoever".

RAInfidel Does Not Condone any abuse of any group, religion or people!

How we've shown our Support so far:

$45 Donated to Veterans 360 Australia from the sale of 'RAInfidel Profile stickers' after FB one time promotion.

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